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Materials of construction, for all equipment, range from carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 316, 309, 310, etc.), hastelloy, inconel, AR steel etc. If needed, we will polish to a #4 finish with continuous welds to CEMA IV, a Dairy or pharmaceutical finish. Our design and manufacturing have passed USDA inspection. When needed we will assist in the proper selection of specialty hardfacing and apply as required to combat abrasion.

When screws or injector screws are in high heat applications we will put a baffled (water) jacket on the housing for “equipment protection”. When the heating or cooling of materials is desired a baffled jacket could also be used in conjunction with either heated or cooled fluid.

When product contamination or cross contamination, sanitary cleaning etc. are concerns we design the equipment to your “wash down”, cleaning standards.

Some of our customers are: Sappi Fine Paper, Wellman, Inc., Pillsbury Co., Kvaerner Processing Systems, Schlumberger Dowell, Molten Salt, Wheaton USA Inc., Svedala Industries Inc., Hercules Incorporated, Fuller Co. Engineering Group, Babcock & Wilcox Co., Hershey Chocolate USA, Johnson & Johnson, US Filter, Kraft Foods Inc., Ogden Martin Systems, Niro Inc., Ausimont USA, BASF Corporation, Merck & Co. Inc., A D M Cocoa Products, Kerr McGee Chemical Corporation, Netzsch Inc.

Some of the industries that are using our equipment are Paper & Pulp, Chemical, Sewage & Wastewater, Food Processing, Industrial Materials Processing & Manufacturing, Remediation, Recycling, Power Generating, etc.

All of our design utilizes AutoCAD 2010 and Inventor.

Please keep us in mind for any custom mechanical bulk materials handling and conveying equipment needs that you may have either now or in the future.


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Industries Served

biomass icon Biomass
alternative fuels icon Alternate Fuels
trash to steam icon Trash to Steam
Process Industries Icon Process Industries
Food Icon Food
chemical icon Chemical
medical icon Medical
recycling icon Recycling
pharmaceutical icon Pharmaceutical
remediation icon Remediation
sewer icon Sewer/Waste Water
heavy industry icon Heavy Industry


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